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Amplify Kit

This kit was curated to support you on your journey of growth outside of the studio.  We will introduce you to how to utilize each of your tools in each corresponding session.  Kit items* include: Journal, Meditation Bell, Sage + Abalone Shell, Palo Santo, Florida Water, Chakra Cards, A Crystal of your choice, Feather, Tote Bag, Energetically Infused Candle, and Mala Bracelet.

self love kit-01.jpg

*Kit items may vary from what is pictured above

Meet the Team

Diane Afrooz - "The Conductor"


With over 20 years of teaching experience, Diane sees themself as a conductor of energy and flow.  Their passion to share the technology that yoga has to offer us for healing and longevity is the impetus for the Spring Equinox Retreat.

Eden Bauer - "The Enthusiast"


Eden is a passionate healer, and leader in our community.  Eden has gathered experience from around the globe to bring to her approach to teaching about crystal and reiki healing, as well as the Chakra centers.

Meaghan Sabyan - "The Energy Worker"


Meaghan has 20+ years of combined experience in holistic wellness, including attending college for Integrative Health and Healing in 2011. She specializes in Energy Work, ear candling, Moon Meditations, mind/body/spirit coaching, tarot reading, crystal therapy, and plant based remedies. 

Angela Kauffman - "The Ayurvedic"


Angela sets the foundation for the Ayurvedic deep dive this year.  She brings her ayurvedic practice by exploring nature's elements and how they represent the 3 Doshas.  She seeks to help us all find balance and healing in every season.

Natalie Ferris - "The Life Coach"


Natalie is a writer, life coach, and mystic who believes in the power of words to change our lives.  She helps you to find the confidence you need to create a life you will love.  You can find her drinking too much cold brew or walking by a lake.

Week 1: Full Moon Amplify + Release Ritual

Moon Salutation Flow by 612 Yoga

This week is all about releasing blocks and self-limiting beliefs, and amplifying gratitude.  Meaghan Starr of NE Starr Collective will lead a Full Moon Amplify & Release ceremony that includes self-reflection.  She will perform healing energy work while walking you through a guided meditation at the end of the yoga class.


Week 2: Connecting to Nature Through Ayurveda

Yoga Nidra+  by 612 Yoga

We are part of a complete system on our planet, and this world around us creates the platform for our physical existence. Explore your connection to nature, and gain an understanding of how seasons affect our bodies.

Enjoying Nature_edited.jpg

Week 3: The Physical Body Through Ayurveda

Yoga for Detoxification + Breath of Fire by 612 Yoga

Our bodies are all varied, and no single approach to physical health supports everyone the same.  Learn about your constitution by determining your Dosha, and get building blocks to benefit your type.


Week 4: The Subtle Body Through Ayurveda

Kundalini Yoga + Mantra Meditation by 612 Yoga

Dive into learning about energetic centers in our bodies: your chakras.  You will understand how to create balance and support for your chakra system, and start sensing your own alignment.


Week 5: Vision

Hatha Yoga +  by 612 Yoga

Personal Life Coach Natalie Taggart will guide you on how to find your voice to create the life you love.  We will create a vision book that helps you document your journey.

Man meditating near water_edited.jpg

Week 6: New Moon Reflection + Intention Ritual

Yin Yoga + Mudra Meditation by 612 Yoga

This week is all about dreaming, resting and setting intentions.  During the New Moon Reflection + Intention ceremony you will look inwards to map out what you want to manifest in your life.

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