July 20th ~ August 24th ~ September 21st
October 19th ~ November 23rd ~ December 21

Sister Circle

What is a Sister Circle?

Women have been coming together for millennia to share celebrations of the high times, support each other in the low times, and generally strengthen their community through conversation and shared experience.


After three years of pandemic living and continuous social upheaval, there has never been a more important time for women to gather in sisterhood, connection, and solidarity.


612 Sister Circle offers female-identified people an intentional space to be in community, support each other, and explore healing and personal growth together.


This monthly event will help you:

- awaken and connect to your inner wisdom

- tap into your intuition so you can live with purpose

- grow, heal, and laugh in community


Hosted by Jennifer Hammer (Certified Shamanic Energy Healer) and Natalie Taggart (Master Level Certified Life Coach) 612 Sister Circle is a brand new monthly offering and we are thrilled to be bringing this offering to our 612 Yoga community!


Jennifer Hammer

Natalie Taggart

What to Expect

Never been to a Sister Circle? No problem! 

Here’s what to expect when attending your first Sister Circle:

Welcome + Housekeeping

We will welcome you to the space, show you around (bathroom, water, etc.) and answer any questions you may have to start off

 Meditation + Sacred Space

We start with a meditation to ground us in the present moment and open sacred space (a shamanic practice to cultivate peace, calm, and connectedness)

Rotating Monthly Content

Each month will feature a different discussion topic based on personal development themes, current events, or attendee requests.

Group Sharing

Connect with other women in the group to share your responses to the topic and/ or what’s coming up for you

Gratitude + 


Gratitude is life changing. We’ll close with gratitudes for the space and each other and set intentions for the month to come.

What to Bring

  • Bring yourself, a journal, and some water if you want it

  • Bring a cushion to sit on

  • Comfy clothes recommended but yoga/workout clothes not necessary

  • $15 donation is recommended, but no one will ever be turned away due to funds