Wholistic Team Building

Inspire your team with a fun way to bond. We work with you to find out what your team experiences on a routine basis in their jobs and create a class(es) tailored to the demands of your business.  

Practicing in groups is a very powerful way to bring harmony and balance to your team.  We will teach you skills to help manage stress, improve decision making, and increase patience.  When your people are functioning at their best, you get peak performance.  Help support them in finding whole body well-being today.

Fun at Yoga

$150 +

Yoga / Fitness / Meditation Class

In-studio or off site, we can lead you through a customized class for your needs.  After a consultation to assess your best fit, we will create a 45 - 90 min class for you.

$500 +

Wellness Month - 4 Classes

In-studio or off site, we will create a series of 4 classes to introduce your team to different practices to help inspire them to find the right wholistic support for themselves. 

Example Series: Vinyasa yoga / Hatha + Partner's yoga / Fitness for Stability / Yin + Meditation

Women Practicing Yoga Outdoor
Team Meeting

Coming Soon

Connecting Your Team

This half day workshop invites your team members to dive into understanding the cycle of learning and revealing their own preferences.  This profound exercise creates a deeper sense of understanding of where each person is coming from, and strengthens interpersonal communication while creating patience.

Coming Soon

Empower Your Leaders

This half day workshop invites leaders, teachers, parents and managers to build on their learning style preference and dive into their leadership style preferences.  Understand how the learning cycle affects your behavior and comfort zones as a leader, gain knowledge to help you create a more wholistic work environment, and learn key phrases to identify your employees' comforts and strengths. 

Young Business Owner

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