Spring Equinox: The Celebration of the Return of the Light

What does your inner garden look like?

The Spring Equinox is close at hand and now is the time to prepare your soil, to plant the seeds of your becoming. Renewal and growth is supported by the Universe at this time. Learn how to step into this energy and be guided. Learn ancient teachings on how to be in right relationship or in sacred reciprocity with all that surrounds you. My teachers have a word for this state of being, they call it Anyi. I have personally experienced it and practice daily

to stay as close to Anyi as I can. It is a state of bliss and balance! Other traditions

may call it enlightenment, samadi, illumination etc... I know it as a feeling and it can

only be described by experiencing it. Of course life brings its challenges to me, and

I fall into chaos. What keeps that chaos from taking over is my spiritual practice and


The easiest thing in the world is to fall out of harmony. Sometimes we need help,

a supportive community, to stay committed to the task at hand. What is the task

you may ask? To find our balance again and to walk in beauty is just one answer.

Your answer may be different and that is ok. Join us for 6 weeks of exploration and

experience your own state of Anyi.

My teachers also told me “Do not under estimate the power of ceremony” and I

can tell you from experience that ceremony is what keeps me on the right path.

Ceremony connects me to the magic, to the hope, to the joy and to the love that

heals everything. I learn to walk in beauty by participating in ceremony.

In this 6 week workshop you will be with a supportive community with many teachers

who are passionate about their practice. I would like to share a powerful shamanic

healing ceremony with you. I will explain sacred reciprocity and how you can

practice it in your life. Join us at 612 Yoga and learn how to cultivate your soil and

plant the seeds of your becoming.

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