Fall Equinox

As I write this I am going through my own challenges: fear, hate, confusion, contradictions and self doubt. This seems to be the pattern with the changing of the seasons. I feel it in my bones, it comes up from the cooling of the earth. As the Fall Equinox approaches all the issues, all my challenges are coming up. How many times does this have to happen, I ask myself? How many times do I have to feel these things and let them go?

The fall equinox is a time to go inward and a time for letting go. Like leaves falling off the trees, I am letting go of fear, confusion and hatred.

AGAIN! What happened? What is happening? Is this normal? It’s hard! I had a powerful summer with lots of powerful and beautiful experiences but at this time all the things I did right are missing from my mind. I am thrown out of balance and the fear is so strong! Even wanting to give up and die, it’s too hard, I can’t do it. I pray for help but seem to be disconnected from Source. There is no love in this space. I’ve been here before, and what I have learned is the only thing that

is consistent is change.

So, as the evenings are getting cooler and longer nights are approaching my body knows it is time to prepare for the long winter. The practice is to “Notice how the body feels” well, I noticed and wrote it down. That is how it feels. I wrote it down, the whole truth of it. To be honest, when I started I didn’t even believe it would help, but as I write these words I can feel a lifting. Is that all it takes? Write it down and let it go? I’m surprised again by the power of writing. Sometimes we just have to get over ourselves, get past that thinking mind. Now I will give it to the earth. Let the earth mulch it up and when Spring comes new life will spring from the ground. It’s all energy good or bad, it’s energy and the earth has a magical way of turning death into life. Just like those leaves that fall from the tree, they add nutrients to the soil and give the tree new energy in the Spring. Be blessed everyone, find support if you need it. We are all in this together, we are all one. The more we heal the easier it is for everyone.

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