November 16th ~ December 14

Brotherhood Circle

What is a Brotherhood Circle?

In a manly world, bonding and self-expression occur through many channels, always mediated by something external: sports and work, which are great triggers for competition. Men were taught to compete to be the best, and in this way they ultimately end up fearing each other.

If you see it with your heart, you’ll find that men actually have feelings that need to be acknowledged. It seems absurd to even mention this, but it’s necessary. Men are sensitive creatures. Why is it that in our society there is no place for expressive men? Although it seems like that on the outside, inwardly there’s another story.

Men who are on a spiritual path, conscious Shivas that look inside, are also on the hunt for a space to share with other men (and only men). And even for them, a place of true expression is hard to find.

After a period of deep stillness and deadly silence, the sharing begins with each man individually expressing different aspects of his life. Some of them discuss problems or past traumas, some men celebrate victories, some men choose just to listen, some men offer words of general support, and others simply check in with their feelings in the moment. Each man speaks in such a way as not to put any blame on anyone or anything for his life’s journey.

Pure gold! Here is the greatest insight: listening. More than anything in the world, men want to be heard. Yes, they want to provide for the family, be good at their jobs, maybe quit everything and travel or just be disciplined meditators, but they want to express their inner truth, without being attacked or judged.

The Power of Vulnerability

Moreover, men want to heal. There are many factors that have caused them pain. Their suffering has its roots in the misunderstanding of their role in society. From difficult experiences with their peers back in high school and college, where competition was fierce and intense, to unresolved issues with their mother or their father/brothers, most men have created a feel-nothing world, in which total self-expression has not been possible.

The Warrior Within

Male bonding goes beyond the fulfillment of their own needs, although this is the key to starting a collective change towards true understanding. The benefits of circles of men reach new heights.

Not only do men have the chance to share in a safe place, but they also have the opportunity to recognize themselves in others. Breaking down the walls between men is really significant because this increases their trust in themselves and others.

Circles of men are a necessity in a society that is centered on silencing the voice within. When the true roar of a man’s heart is awakening, he is able to cultivate awareness, understand his life path, and come to terms with both his past and his limiting beliefs.

He will be set free to authentically live in his own skin, through his True Self. He will be the leader he always wanted to be, not to rule others but to inspire them.


This monthly event will help you:

- awaken and connect to your inner wisdom

- tap into your intuition so you can live with purpose

- grow, heal, and laugh in community


Hosted by Antonio Williams (Non-Profit Founder of T.O.N.E. Up) and Matt (Yoga Guru + Business Owner) 612 Brotherhood Circle is a brand new monthly offering and we are thrilled to be bringing this offering to our 612 Yoga community!


Antonio Williams


What to Expect

Never been to a Brotherhood Circle? No problem! 

Here’s what to expect when attending your first Brotherhood Circle:

Welcome + Housekeeping

We will welcome you to the space, show you around (bathroom, water, etc.) and answer any questions you may have to start off

 Meditation + Sacred Space

We start with a meditation to ground us in the present moment and open sacred space (a shamanic practice to cultivate peace, calm, and connectedness)

Rotating Monthly Content

Each month will feature a different discussion topic based on personal development themes, current events, or attendee requests.

Group Sharing

Connect with other men in the group to share your responses to the topic and/ or what’s coming up for you

Gratitude + 


Gratitude is life changing. We’ll close with gratitudes for the space and each other and set intentions for the month to come.

What to Bring

  • Bring yourself, a journal, and some water if you want it

  • Bring a cushion to sit on

  • Comfy clothes recommended but yoga/workout clothes not necessary

  • $15 donation is recommended, but no one will ever be turned away due to funds