E-RYT & YACEP - Yoga Alliance

20+ years Educator & Ayurvedic Practitioner - AVEDA

200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training CorePower Yoga

100 hr - YogaSculpt Teacher Training CorePower Yoga

Synergence Barre Teacher Training - ACE Certified

 Diane Afrooz founded 612 Yoga + Fitness in 2018, she is an experienced Instructor who really knows what both your mind and body need. Practicing since 2006, she has dived deep into Bikram/Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, and is passionate about music, adventure, art, and not taking yourself too seriously.  Having spent 20 years as an educator in the Aveda network, Diane seeks to connect meaningful movements that relate to our everyday experiences with a straight forward approach to teaching.


200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training, Radiant Life Yoga

300 hr RYT (in training) The Seeker Yoga School

Stacy is passionate about sharing the practice of yoga to help people find balance in their lives. As a former college athlete, Stacy suffered from chronic pain as she navigated her way through a successful and demanding career in Interior Design. Stacy found yoga in 2010 to help cope with pain, and the anxiety & depression that comes as a result of chronic pain. She recently received her RYT 200 certification and is currently continuing her quest to give back to the community as she works toward her 300 hour certification. 

Stacy likes to focus on alignment, balance, and breath for anxiety relief in her classes. She is a nutrition junkie and is known to share homemade healthy goodies from time to time! 



Yoga Sculpt Certified - MFS

Maggie B (She/Her) is a Yoga Sculpt instructor, major vegan foodie, and ethical fashion advocate.  When she is not teaching or working her full-time job in fashion, you will  find her surrounded by her plants, designing and  sewing out of repurposed textiles. 

She strongly believes that EVERYBODY deserves a designated time for the mind-body connection that yoga provides.  She loves teaching classes that combine her passion for yoga, fitness, and mindfulness.  "My goal is to help others grow and build a welcoming sense of community"

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Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Amanda fell in love with yoga twelve years ago. After she moved to Minnesota to attend graduate school, she turned to yoga to combat her homesickness and anxiety, and found that it provided her with many tools to work through her physical and emotional stresses. She is passionate about teaching yoga for musicians and performers, and also gravitates towards teaching restorative and yin yoga. Apart from teaching yoga, Amanda also runs her own music school, where she gives violin, ukulele and piano lessons. 

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Jennifer started practicing Kundalini yoga in 2000 in an effort to heal from a variety of chronic illnesses. This opened the pathway for her transformation; She has found her way through the dark night of her soul and is now happy to be of service to others who find themselves struggling to find their true self. Jennifer is a full Mesa carrier initiated into the Q’ero Shamanic healing traditions (an ancient lineage of the high Andes in Peru). She is an active member of the Native American Church and blessed to be taught by many Traditional Elders,  Wisdom Keepers and Medicine Carriers.  Jennifer is passionate about helping others heal from trauma and also excited to step into the role of a ceremonial leader.

200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training, Radiant Life Yoga

Certified Shamanic Energy Healer - The Four Winds Society Light Body School 


Barre Synergence Certified

Abby is a barre certified, passionate yogi who has found her own healing and growth on the four corners of her mat.

Abby has found yoga a pivotal component in managing stress, dealing with pain, and discovering emotional agility.

While she loves exercise and getting a sweat on, Abby is determined to make movement not about looking a certain way, but feeling good inside your body.

If you like good music, full body workouts, and some guidance on challenging your inner critic she’s the gal for you! 

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Eden’s journey with yoga began after attending her first class where she fell in love with the deep feeling of peace she felt. She enjoys incorporating the healing powers of breath work and vibrational sound therapy in her classes as well as guided meditations.

 Eden is also a professional birth doula and helps birthers and families with the transitions through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum.

Eden believes in the importance of intuition and bodily awareness in yoga and aims to incorporate those foundations in her teaching style. 



200 hr RYT – Yoga Teacher Training CPY

Yin Yoga Certified - Yoga Retreat Center

Chair Yoga Certified - Devanadi School of Yoga & Wellness

John was invited to his first yoga class in 2008 and has been practicing ever since. Initially he was attracted to the physical benefits of yoga but then discovered an overall feeling of contentment, which kept him returning to the practice. John enjoys explaining and breaking down the elements of yoga to his students. He has taught yoga to seniors and the disabled, with a goal of making yoga accessible to all. John has worked as an art director in New York, Hong Kong and Bangkok and attended a 2-week Hatha yoga retreat in Rishikesh India in 2019.


200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training YogaFit - Level 1

200 Hour RYT - YogaRenew Teacher Training

Professional Birth Doula - Jeannie Baron, INTL Birth Doula Cert

Breath Work Coach (in training) - 

200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training

YogaFit - Level One



200 hr RYT - Yoga Teacher Training CorePower Yoga
50 hr - Advanced Sequencing CorePower Yoga 
300 hr RYT- Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

 East+West Yoga - Bali, Indonesia
Synergence Barre Teacher Training - ACE Certified



Synergence Barre Teacher Training - ACE Certified

100 hr - YogaSculpt Teacher Training CPY

200 hr RYT -Yoga Teacher Training Lifepower - Lifetime  

Lacey is a 500-hour certified yoga and fitness instructor based out of Minneapolis, MN. In 2016 she decided to leave her cushy corporate job to follow her passion for teaching full-time. Since then she has never looked back! Lacey’s passionate about making her classes accessible to all ages, fitness levels, and experience. Her teachings focus on safe alignment, breath, and conscious movement.
Lacey teaches a variety of yoga and fitness classes including: Vinyasa Flow Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Power Yoga, Yin, Meditation, Barre, Sculpt, and Core.

Cassidy began dancing at age 3 and that is when she believes her love for movement began. After her final year of dancing in college, she knew she had to find something else she was just as passionate about. Cue taking her first barre class! A few years later in 2018, she dove deeper into yoga and barre and decided to become certified to teach barre. A year after that, she decided to continue to expand her knowledge and certifications and became certified to teach Yoga Sculpt. This past winter of 2020, she completed another goal of obtaining her 200 hour yoga teacher certification. What’s next? She has a few ideas! ;)