Yoga for mind-body connection

Each Instructor brings their own authentic voice to this class.  Every class will begin with grounding practices and the exploration of pranayama (the yogic practice of focusing on your breath) by using various breathing techniques. You will intentionally transition into a vinyasa/yang (sequenced/warming) yoga class where breath and posture connect and move you fluidly through a sequence of asanas (physical poses).  Be prepared to move your body, and focus on your breathing.

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Yoga for Grounding + Sound Healing
Hatha / Slow Flow

Every class will begin with grounding practices and the exploration of pranayama (the yogic practice of focusing on your breath) by using various breathing techniques. You will intentionally transition into a hatha (warm & cool) yoga class where you move slowly and deliberately through asanas that may challenge your strength and flexibility while simultaneously focusing on relaxation and mindfulness. Postures are maintained for multiple rounds of breath and transitions are controlled.

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Yoga for restful sleep
Yin / Nidra

Prepare for sleep by exploring yin yoga asanas (cooling poses) that will calm and balance your mind and body; Then transition into a yoga nidra practice. Nidra is the state of consciousness between sleeping and waking induced by guided meditation and is a form of pratayahara (sensory withdrawal).  This practice connects us with the autonomic nervous system to access the delta state of relaxation, which helps to improve thought patterns, reduce stress, and can help with chronic pain and post-traumatic stress disorder.

#rest #visualization #healing #pratyahara

Mula Bandha / Hatha

Focus on core strength, pelvic floor & breathing with your

diaphragm in this class. We will use slow, controlled, & repetitive movements to engage our Root Lock, Mula Bandha, (commonly referred to as pelvic floor) to help gradually develop muscle discrimination and strength. We will also focus on strengthening and lengthening core muscles that support our lower back such as hamstrings, and hips and use infrared heat for improved circulation.

When our Root lock is not in balance, we may feel restless or experience a lack of energy or sense of belonging. 

#mulabandha #pelvicfloor #rootchakra #infraredtherapy

Yoga for Detoxification + infrared Heat
Hatha / Pranayama

This class utilizes the same technology as the sun with gentle radiant heat from infrared panels that create cellular vibrations to release toxins at a microscopic level.  You will be guided through Hatha (effort or willful) yoga postures that promote circulation, detoxification, and release of these toxins.  This class ends with lymphatic system stimulation and includes pranayama (breath practices) to aid in releasing the toxins from your body. 

Tips for success: ensure you are fully hydrated before class, and bring water with you into class.  You may also want to bring a towel.

#hotyoga #immuneboost #cleanse #tapas

Yoga for Stretching + Recovery
Restorative / Yin

A slow paced, low intensity class focused on restorative (releasing) and yin (cooling) poses. Stretch and release in this class set in a candlelit studio.  This practice helps to release the fascia, ligaments and tendons while balancing your body’s organs and boosting your immune system.  The practice of holding asana (poses) will help you to sit with and observe uncomfortable thoughts, emotions, and physical sensations as they arise helping us to engage in  svadhyaya (self study)

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meditation for anxiety
Mantras / Mudras

Get grounded with guided dhyana (meditation) and mantra practice.  You will explore mudras (hand positions) that work with energy channels in the body to create balance as well as mantras (chanting) to create vibrational stimulation for the vagus nerve;  Which is important in regulation of mood, digestion, immune response, and heart rate. This practice can help to soothe pain, stimulate endorphins, change your mood and increase your vitality.

#mindfulness #breathe #chant #dhyana

somatic movement + meditation 
Tapping / Vibration

#mulabandha #pelvicfloor #align #svadhyaya

Relax both mind and body through natural rhythmic movements called Brain Wave Vibration. Brain Wave Vibration is a powerful, easy-to-follow method that will help you bring your body and mind back into balance for total health, contentment, and peace.  This class ends with a guided meditation.

#vibration #meditation #movement #somatic

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Fitness for Stability + Toning 
Barre / Mat Pilates

An all levels, low intensity class that combines a dynamic warm-up with a mix of yoga inspired movements, barre, and mat pilates moves.  This class will focus on core strengthening, hip stability, and lengthening the muscles.

#pulse #core #posture #balance

Fitness for strength + agility
Yog-Sculpt / Circuits

An intermediate class that combines movement inspired by vinyasa yoga with body sculpting sets mixed throughout. Prepare to break a sweat! This class will elevate your heart rate, and includes strength building circuits.

#sculpt #cardio #elevate #sweat

Class Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17